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This program, designed by a medical doctor, is a powerful and transformative tool for your health and wellness. Typical benefits reported by program participants include improvements in energy, sleep, digestion, skin, mental clarity, and healthy weight loss, in addition to decreased joint pain, inflammation, bloating, and headaches.

Watch the entire video for details of The Body Prosperity Program.

The Body Prosperity Program includes:


A 28 day metabolic nutritional detoxification program based on the science of Functional Medicine and the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic        Medicine, created by Dr. Erin Martin.


Detoxification support supplements - These 4 ultra-high quality products have been customized specifically for this program to help replenish your body during detoxification.


Complete easy to follow protocol, recipes, and shopping lists designed to help you streamline your time while satisfying your taste buds.  We've done the thinking for you, just plug and play!


Life-changing curriculum designed to maximize your Energy, Health, Clarity and Desire. You'll be supported daily with bite-sized learning tools to help you gain personal insights in these important areas.


Online membership portal where the entire program will be delivered   And you'll have on-going access so you can repeat the program whenever you like, or start on your own if the course dates don't quite fit your schedule!


Daily education and support delivered to your inbox, with prompts, activities and resources to solidify your new habits and mindset and sky-rocket your success!


Private Facebook community where you can be supported by your fellow participants, be inspired, get motivated, and have accountability - all while being part of a community of people who value wellbeing as much as you do.


PLUS YOUR $1000 BONUS:  Weekly LIVE coaching and Q&A calls with Dr. Erin Martin and program co-creator and certified health coach Casey Weeks. 

Your body is the gateway and most valuable tool you have to get what you desire and feel how you want to feel. The Body Prosperity Program will bring into alignment the energy, health and clarity you are looking for so that you can prosper in your life.

Join us and make 2018 the year that you feel amazing in your body and have the energy and vitality to move the needle in your life towards your highest potential.

Registration Opens April 2018...

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